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5 Easy Steps To Overcoming Your Fear

This is the definition of fear. Let us really analyse this definition to help us understand what it means exactly and how we can overcome our little fears that prevent us. Fear is not real. Fear is 100% a fiction of our imagination. As the definition above says, it is an emotion within us. We can choose to be afraid of something or choose not to let ourselves be disturbed. Of course, much of this is subconscious, but when it comes to this, fear is in our mind and it is something that does not exist in the physical world.

5 Easy Steps To Overcoming Your Fear

Of course, many things related to fear are perfectly rational. For example, if a hungry lion gives you the eye when you are dragging in the jungle, I think it is safe to say that everyone would feel that the emotion “feared”. This is a “threat” and our initial response is to find a place to hide and flee. Then there are things less threatening, like perhaps, the fear of public speaking (the number one fear in America today). This fear, in theory, seems absolutely ridiculous. I mean, going, talking in front of a crowd is not a threat to life. It’s not like someone is in the crowd with a submachine gun ready to shoot you if you make a small mistake or mistake. But, however, it is the biggest fear of all (the fear that I am still working personally).

We all have our own fears and insecurities. I could sit here all day and list all the possible fears of people, but I do not think they want to spend their time reading this list. Instead, let’s talk about what we can do about these fears and how we can eliminate them from the ball park.

Everyone is afraid

I’m not saying it’s a shame to be afraid. In fact, if you do not have fears, you are very unstable and do not know how, to be honest with yourself or you are not human. Assuming it’s not the last of the two, suck it up and be honest with yourself. There is nothing wrong with being afraid and afraid of certain things. Fears can take all sorts of things. They usually come from a lack of experience or a traumatic experience when we were younger. A small incident as a man can cause us to fear everything about this incident for the rest of our lives. This is absolutely correct. You are only taking action to overcome these fears and not prevent them from getting what you want and achieve your goals.

Back to the example of public discourse, many people remember the bad experiences of fumbling their words in front of classmates and not remembering their speech. These incidents, combined with never taking the time to repel these mistakes, result in a life of fear of public speaking. The good news is that it is never too late to overcome a fear.

Be afraid and do it despite everything

I want to bring a book written by Susan Jeffers, entitled “Fear of fear, and do it all the same”. Now I have never read this book, but the title itself says a lot about fighting fears and does not limit the beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals. Overcoming fears do not consist in completely eliminating fear. Most likely if this has been a lifelong fear, then there will always be a bit on the bottom of your mind all your life. No, overcoming fear simply means finding ways to gradually degrade the barrier so that fear does not stop you from reaching your general dreams.


Understand this: Fear is a 100% manageable enemy, once you learn to handle it properly.


Steps to overcome fears so they do not hold you back

Step 1: Identify the root – The first step in fighting fears is to identify the root of fear. Usually, it will be a bad childhood experience or something that happened years ago. Really target your life at the time you developed this fear (the same beginnings). Once you recognize why you are particularly afraid of something (that other are not), you realize that it is not a big monster of fear. You just have a bad experience and now you see it as something you want to do.

Step 2: Take a small action – Then you have to take a small action that makes your feet wet. If your fear speaks in public, try to talk only with friends and family. Make a speech and ask people to come together so that you can speak in front of people, with all eyes on you. Just do a little thing that does not overwhelm you and help you realize: “Hey, it was not so serious. If the idea of doing this little action requires you to vomit and hyperventilate, then the action is Too big and you have to start with something smaller.

Step 3: Take another small action – Then you have to keep pushing yourself and take another small action. Overcoming fear does not happen overnight. It is a process that will require work and commitment on your part. Do not let too much celebrating your first achievement in step 2. Keep the ball rolling and take another action that scares you a little, this time, a little more action. Something that pushes you a little more and makes you sweat a little more. Again, the idea here is not to overwhelm you, but to prepare you gradually to face the big scene and completely overcome a fear.

Step 4: Ask for Comments – It is important to ask for comments from trusted people about how you are and what you think to do differently. Be sure to talk to reliable and credible people and take their advice when you go to step 5.

Step 5: Repeat!– Specifically, repeat steps 2 and 3 again and again. The only way to truly overcome fears and build trust for not letting them stop is simply to jump and continue. Do it. Feel the fear, then do it anyway. I understand that it is much easier said than done, but that is why I suggest taking small actions. You should take small steps early to gradually strengthen your confidence and gradually increase the severity of these actions. Over time, you will create momentum and begin to become second nature. After a while, you wonder why they scared you in the first place!

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Over Come All Fears

By removing it, it does not matter to be afraid. You just need to act to overcome these fears and not allow them to stop you from doing what you are supposed to do and what makes you happy. Many times these little fears prevent us from reaching a place in life that we really want to be. Be fierce and persistent, and work slowly through each and every one of your fears to get where you want to be!

You know other steps please kindly drop them in the comment box.

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