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JAMB Introduces Central Admission Processing System (JAMB CAPS) For 2017/2018 Admission

JAMB 2017/18 New Policy On Admission Point – Introduces Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) for admission processing for all candidates.

JAMB Introduces Central Admission Processing System (JAMB CAPS) For 2017/2018 Admission
JAMB CAPS – The report from the current JAMB policy meeting indicates that JAMB has introduced the Central Admission Processing System (JAMB CAPS) which aims to ensure quality control, transparency and credibility of the admission process.
According to one associate, the new policy is required to give a “market place” on the JAMB portal where institutions can go and “ask students in Nigeria to mark their cut points.”
These institutions will write to JAMB to request the students and also give them (students) three days to respond. In addition, only three universities can apply for a candidate if the policy is adopted.
The new policy is also expected to allow institutions in Nigeria to set their cutoff point after meeting with their respective senates.
JAMB CAPS – The new policy will also give the academic council or the senate of an institution the power to ‘assign percentages to JAMB, the school results, and O’level, as these will be calculated to obtain students’ Post-UTME ‘.
It was also learned that JAMB wants to make sure there is a unified time to close admission to all universities.
If the policy advances, there will be an intake portal that will be based on cut-off points, quota system and catchment areas.
“The new JAMB CAPS system is such that institutions can only admit those who comply with their cut-off points,” said an admission officer at a tertiary institution who was at the meeting. “If a candidate does not meet the limit, no matter who he or she knows, that person can not be admitted.”
The official said the system was shown to all attendees at Monday’s meeting, most of whom expressed their satisfaction.
In addition, the policy is intended to make provisions for candidates to accept and reject any admission offered to them.
The planned policy also seeks candidates who can not go to the National Youth Service, NYSC, because they do not have JAMB admission letters. This group of students can be asked to pay a certain amount for regularization and can go to the service of youth.
JAMB is expected to officially inform reporters about these new policies this afternoon.
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